Child Support Calculator

Understanding Child Support Calculator

What is a Child Support Calculator ? A family can go through different commotions and some of them have to be taken to court – divorce, determination of parenthood, alimony, annulment, etc. In this case when children are involved, their welfare is of top importance for the judge. The party who doesn’t have the custodial rights is obliged to pay child support to the custodial parent, the guardian or the caregiver. The amount that is owed periodically is calculated differently in every state according to a child support calculator.

What you should know about Child Support Calculator ?

There are certain elements that are included in the software of the child support calculator. Here are a few examples how the child support is calculated in different states. In Alabama the calculator includes the number of children that are a subject of the support, the amount that is paid for child support from previous marriages, monthly alimony paid to a spouse from a previous marriage, costs per month for daycare paid by the custodial parent, the family health insurance paid by the custodial parent. In Washington D.C. the calculator is less complicated and it includes the number of children that are included in the child support in question, the age of the oldest child (it should be younger than 18 years), the gross annual income of the parent obliged to pay the child support, the annual expenses for the family health insurance.

Child Support Calculator

Child Support Calculator

Here there are two figures that are considered from the side of the custodial parent – their gross annual income and the annual daycare costs.  In New York the child support is calculated as follows: from the side of the non-custodial parent (gross monthly income, monthly child support paid to ex-spouse, alimony paid to a spouse, monthly expenses for day care), from the side of the custodial parent (the gross monthly income, child support and alimony paid to prior spouses, monthly expenses for daycare, monthly expenses for health care) and of course the number of children from which the amount should be calculated. In Georgia for example the calculator is quite simplified – there are only four elements (the gross income of the non-custodial parent, the number of children that have to be paid support, how much family health insurance is paid and who takes care of it). In principle, when we talk about child support calculator the algorithm in all states is more or less the same because the basis is always the income of the non-custodial parent and the number of children that have to be covered by the child support.

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