Louisiana Child Support Calculator

How to use Louisiana Child Support Calculator ?

The Child Support Enforcement guidelines of the state of Louisiana demand that a non-custodial parent pay for child support to the custodial parent. The child support includes the basic necessities of the child like food, clothing and healthcare. However, anything given as a gift is not counted here.

As per the guidelines, if you are a non-custodial parent with just one child and a gross monthly income of $3000, you would pay $548 towards child support. However, when a claim is filed it is important to know how much to owe to the custodial parent.

A Louisiana child support calculator will take into account your gross monthly income, the number of children you have to support, the monthly expenses on childcare and any other extraordinary expenses to be borne by you. If you have had a previous marriage as well, then the court would also take into account the alimony you paid and the number of children you are supporting from that marriage as well.

Also keep in mind that if there is a health insurance or any other policy where the children not under your custody are nominated, you will have to settle that as well. Moreover, if you are paying for a child’s insurance premium or any other type of future oriented scheme, settle the deal there as well.

If you have two or more children and the children are living separately with one or the other parent, it is likely that both parties need to pay child support costs. For E.g. if you have two children under your custody and the other parent has just one child her custody, you will have to run the Louisiana child support calculator thrice in order to decide the total amount due for each child. Then, the equivalent amount gets cancelled and the remained is to be paid by one of the parents. This again depends on the age and individual needs of each of the children.

Child support calculator ideally provide a rough estimate of the amount to be paid by the parent each month. However, the court will decide exactly what is to be paid after hearing your case and focusing on individual cases. With the help of a Louisiana Child Support calculator you can prepare for the case in advance and decide what suits your needs best. It would be very helpful to determine the funds and the total amount payable by you, which will save you of later complications and issues.

You can find the official website of the Louisiana Department of Child Support services here.

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