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California Child Support Calculator

Understanding California Child Support Calculator

The state of California allows guardians or parents who take care of children to sue noncustodial parents who fail to pay their child support obligation. Aside from this instance, a lawsuit can also be filed in established paternity. California used family court guidelines when it comes to child support as well as other situations.

In reality, there’s no precise formula when it comes to child support. But, there’s a general rule that can provide you with an estimated amount of what a parent owe when it comes to payment of child support in the near future. In order to make the calculation process easy, using California child support calculator is the best option for you. You will just simply put the relevant information and you will arrive at a monthly payment for your child support obligation.

Steps to Follow in Using California Child Support Calculator

First thing you have to do is to log in to the California department of Child Support Services’ Calculate Child Support webpage. It is the government agency which helps residents of California when it comes to issues on child support, such as payment of child support, education in filing lawsuits and others. On this webpage, basic instructions regarding California child support calculator is provided.

Next, you have to read the instructions and click the link to the California child support calculator. This calculator with then begin to introduce you to the questions to be answered in order to estimate the child support amount you have to pay. However, you have to be aware that the California child support calculator isn’t very friendly when it comes to browsers. Although lots of people don’t like to utilize Internet Explorer, they will be obliged to use this browser in order to use the California child support calculator.

There are also some potential errors as well as other problems to encounter when you use the California child support calculator. When this happens, just contact the department of Child Support Services to assist you in computing the estimated amount for your child support obligation.

Go through with the instructions of the calculator and answer the questions. It generally means that you need to have knowledge on the monthly earnings of the obligor (the one obliged to make payments). If you don’t know this detail, it’s sometimes possible for you to ask some coworkers of the obligor. If you have knowledge on the pay grade or rank of the person, it’s possible for you to know the exact amount that he or she is making in a monthly basis. If you don’t know, just estimate the monthly salary of the person.

In any case, the California child support calculator cannot provide you with the exact amount as it only gives estimates of what a California court would do basing on the guidelines of the state. If you have filed a lawsuit against one of the parents, the court has the power to order that particular parent to reveal his or her income. Always keep in mind that only California court judges can make a verdict regarding the final child support amount the obligor should pay.

You can find the official website of California Department of Child Support services here.