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Florida Child Support Calculator

Understanding Florida Child Support Calculator

The Florida child support calculator is a helpful tool when it comes to calculating the amount of monthly obligation for your minor children. Sometimes, parents think that they can actually decide among themselves regarding the amount that one of them should pay prior to the legal proceedings. Although they are obliged to support their children, this case requires legal matters especially Florida law.

The amount of monthly obligation is decided by Florida Courts. So, it’s advisable for you to seek for the help of family law lawyer or a law firm for the protection of both you and your children’s rights. The child support amount is actually calculated by Florida Statutes with the use of strict guidelines. The Florida child support calculator is a program used in determining child support. The program is based on some information about the amount of money earned by every parent and the amount they spend for taking care of their kids.

It is crucial that you keep receipts and good records. It is recommended that you use a separate account in order to monitor the payments made. This is also important as courts may ask you for proofs of payment. Income includes salary and wages, commissions, bonuses, tips ad overtime. If you work as a waiter at a luxurious place, judges may ask you for tips you get. The income of a self-employed parent is total revenue subtracting business expenses, work comp, disability benefits, unemployment benefits, alimony, pension, retirement and social security, rental income and gains from investments in real estate.

The Florida child support calculator will require your net income monthly calculations, not the gross income. It doesn’t taxes, number of kids (minor) they have and total monthly income of both parents. Basing from those numbers, there are some specific calculations to be made. The amount of time the kids spent with one parent will affect the needed amount. The court order will be the basis and all orders of the court should be followed. Special circumstances arrive at times and your lawyer can give you advice or options before getting into court.

After Florida child support calculator has calculated the amount, one of the parents can share in the monthly health insurance cost. If this kind of insurance is offered via your work, this obligation can easily be fulfilled.

If order to be sure about any legal concerns or issues, it is best for you to consult an experienced child support attorney or law firm for some advice. The Florida child support calculator is only meant as a guide for you to know about the amount of legal child support that you should provide your children. It doesn’t provide 100 percent accuracy when it comes to the computations as it only provides estimates. The support order is always made by the ruling of the court in obligation cases. Be sure that you have a word with your attorney and ask him for some options if you deem the order of the court as inaccurate. There are certain guidelines and time frames to request the court for any changes.

You can find the official website of the Florida Department of Child Support services here.